Online EMT classes are offered in January, May, and August.

NOTE: While the majority of the course is online, students must meet in-person at EMTS Academy the last 2 weeks of the course from 9:30a-5p to take the Final Exam, attend hands-on skills training, and attend 3 ER/EMS shifts. Course completion certificates are issued upon completion of ER and EMS shifts.

What you should know

Taking an online class is more rigorous and challenging than an in-person EMT class, requiring additional study time, as well as more communication with the instructor.  Because of this, we will limit enrollment and have a clear start and end date.We continue to have the student’s best interest in mind as quality patient care as our priority.

If you feel you are able to meet the rigorous demands of a quality online EMT course, register here.

Online EMT Course Information

Requirements for enrollment:

In addition to the school’s course enrollment requirements, the student will also need to have daily computer access with a compatible operating system, daily email access, the ability to stay in the Round Rock/Austin area for the final exam, skills training and clinical/field rotations during the last 2 weeks of the course.

System Requirements:

For Operating Systems Windows XP, compatible browsers are

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 9 and 10

For Operating Systems Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista, Mac OSX, iOS devices (tablets and phones), Android devices (tablets and phones), compatible browsers are

  • Chrome

Course Costs: Click Here

Veterans: The GI Bill® is not available for online or hybrid courses at this time.  Please see the schedule for in-person classes to utilize your VA Educational benefits.

Army Credentialing Assistance is accepted for this class.  Go to to begin the process. NOTE: you will need to attend skills in person the last 2 weeks.  Plan to arrange for travel if you are out of state.  The Army will cover all tuition and fees, but not travel related expenses.  Speak with your commander regarding approval for NON-CHARGEABLE TDY for the time you will train in person.

The online course consists of: 

Required reading, writing assignments, multiple choice homework assignments, timed quizzes and module exams. Students will also be required to check in weekly via email with study path updates.  It is important the instructor knows where the student is in their study path at all times.  Failure to complete assignments within the dates outlined for each lesson could result in failure to complete the course as the student may not be prepared for the quizzes and exams.

Reports are generated by the online program that allow us to measure study time and completion of all assignments, quizzes and exams.  There are also points of reference for the student and instructor to keep the student on track.

Web-based tutor:
An instructor has been assigned to the online learning course.  The instructor will answer email Monday through Friday and will be available for Q&A sessions.  Lectures are recorded and available on Moodle for the student to access at any time.

The administrative offices will be available to the student M-F 10a-4p.  In addition, tech support is available for any issues through the online platform.  Should the primary instructor not be available, a second instructor will be assigned to the class.

In addition to the following resources listed below, our LMS system also contains the PowerPoint for each chapter, chapter lecture recordings, chapter objectives, and supplemental homework.

Below is a sample of the Lesson 1 which includes chapters 1 through 6:

Read: Online e-text or hard copy textbook

  • Chapter 1, “Emergency Medical Care Systems, Research, and Public Health” (pp. 1–16)
  • Chapter 2, “Workforce Safety and Wellness of the EMT” (pp. 17–38)
  • Chapter 3, “Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues” (pp. 39–55)
  • Chapter 4, “Documentation” (pp. 56–71)
  • Chapter 5, “Communication” (pp. 72–91)
  • Chapter 6, “Lifting and Moving Patients” (pp. 92–117)

Watch Recorded Lectures

  • Lectures for each chapter are recorded and can be watched anytime.

Writing Assignments

  • Assignment 1.1: EMT Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assignment 1.2: Refusals and Advance Directives
  • Assignment 1.3: Organ Donors
  • Assignment 1.4: EMT Documentation and Communication
  • Assignment 1.5: Analyzing the PCR
  • Assignment 1.6: Journal Lesson 1

Multiple Choice Assignments Ch 1-46

  • Each chapter has one multiple choice assignment where credit is given for completion


  • Quiz 1.1
  • Quiz 1.2
  • Quiz 1.3