2024 EMT Classes: Your options for the EMT textbook 12th edition are below

  • RENT the Prehospital Emergency Care Textbook textbook from the publisher: Click here to rent a book
  • Purchase online access to the MyBradyLab site with the Prehospital Emergency Care e-textbook (no printed material) (Must be purchased if you rent a textbook) Click here to purchase
    • OR
  • Purchase online access to the MyBradyLab site with e-textbook andloose leaf” printed the Prehospital Emergency Care textbook mailed to you: Click here to purchase


2023 EMT Textbook Package: Click Here To Purchase.  (2024 class, please purchase the 12th edition)

Components of the Package:

  • Prehospital Emergency Care Textbook, 11th Edition
  • MyBradyLab Student Access Code for Prehospital Emergency Care, 11th Edition


Paramedic Textbook Package: New ISBN number 9781284295740 as of 4/13/2023 – Click here to purchase

Components of the Package: NOTE: purchasing this package elsewhere may not include required components for the course. Please double check if you are purchasing on another site that it includes the following:


  • Sanders’ Paramedic Textbook 5th ed., Navigate 2 Preferred Online Access
  • Anatomy and Physiology for the Prehospital Provider 2nd ed., Navigate 2 Advantage Online Access
  • Assessment Fisdap Account


Paramedic Cardiology Textbook: Click Here to Purchase


  • Basic Arrhythmias 8th ed.